As dawn breaks apart

the edges of another day,

uncertainty comes too-

The silent moth unbidden flies

from the cornered shadows

of my bedroom

frantic wings flee me

and the dark.

I see not an intruder but

a fateful refugee

perhaps sent to probe

the virtuous nature

of a heart flush with fortune.

I cup my hands gently

around the winged creature

knowing it would be far less

trouble to drop it

in the toilet,

destination a watery grave,

it’s only a moth, after all.

Yet its wings

beat against my palms

not with a threat

but with a plea…for life;

our connection is complete

in this moment

the moth and me

need only one thing — mercy


image credit: Max Kleinen

9 thoughts on “Mercy

  1. Reblogged this on A Cornered Gurl and commented:
    Sandy has such an intuitive and forthright mind. She’s also quite bold in her delivery and I love her writing for these things. I read this poem and I can see the imagery, feel the intensity, and respect the ending. It connects. She creates connection.

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