On translucent pins

________ knitted from scales

I tread lightly

leaving smooth water

for more adventurous swales

________ but this walking is queer

So I find a long pier

upon which to perch

unblinking I scout

_________ crashing waves I must search

dreamily I peer through

plated glass windows

under humming fluorescents

gills working hard

to hasten airflow

holding back terror

_________ I am caught on a hook

by an elderly man with nary a hair

oh my, oh dear, catching a glimpse

tis not a good look!

eyes like pie tins

__________ jerked onto the bank

mother’s warnings forsook

I’m awake! I gasp

my panic to thank

yet still sleepy I sink

_________ on a dream of velvet nights

my companion is thirst

the moon offers a mug

of Chianti to drink

made from starlight

so heavenly sweet

__________ I fall from the sky

in a sweeping arc

on a eight year old breath

drawn from the dark

etching a memory

tattooed on my heart

for this star was the charm

sent me out on a lark

curving my body

____________ like a comma misplaced

I flip and I flop

back to watery space

where the moss is lush

and algae so green

but trotting throughout

my ever blue veins

horseshoe magnets clip clop

pulling me back to distant moors

I long to dive in

traveling the opposite

of where I have been.

*image credit: melaniemcdonald

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