A World To Save

Reprising musical collaboration of hope and courage for 2021. Lyrics by Tre L. Loadholt + Music written and recorded by Sk ©2020

Your innocence is lost on us
we’re failing you
the hearts of men have grown to dark
to light a path for you

We can be selfish…hmmm
I know we can be cruel
but you remind us of peace
and how love shines through

Save the world from us
a generation speaks
deep within this life
until our spirits meet
we know you’re brave
don’t excuse our faults
save the world from us
we’ve torn it apart

I cling to your smile
the beauty that it holds
the safety in your life
the glory of your soul
I know the depth of your voice
it makes me smile
your careful with my time
if only for awhile
this broken world needs you
much more than it does us
we’ve cause her too much damage
squandered all her trust
you’ve seen through our ways
now you’ve got to choose
too smart for the adults
too strong to be moved

Save the world from us
a generation speaks
deep within this life
until our spirits meet
we know you’re brave
you see our faults
save the world from us
we done our part

It’s time we stepped aside
it’s time to hang back
if war is in sight
we need not attack
You’ve fought the battle
you’ve won the front
we should learn from you
here’s the circle life wants
no world should never crumble
or clutch at feeble hands
no child should ever wonder
where her future stands
we call out to the world
let fear and hatred die
we hear your laughter
we hear your cry.

Chorus repeat

Just about a year ago writer, Tre Loadholdt, of A Cornered Gurl invited me to collaborate with her on a project. She offered her heart and hope in the form of lyrics which expressed her love, worry and support for the new generation of children who would inherit our troubled world. Collaborating is always a challenge but we managed to mold Tre’s lyrics into a complete song which we hope captured the essence of her inspiration. I performed and recorded the music in my home studio. I like to call these working tracks as they are what I consider a rough sketch of a songs potential outcome but by no means meant to limit it. I felt there was no better time than to reprise the song here on New Years Day. Peace, love and light!

When first published in A Cornered Gurl Tre wrote:

The initial lyrics for this song came to me on a day when I was feeling extremely down.I started writing, thinking of the generations after mine–watching my little cousins grow up and experiencing their innocence. If we have a chance, the young ones are going to have to save us. Sandy was the only person I knew who would read the initial lyrics and be able to come up with the melody, the music, the ad-libs and additional lyrics. I shared it with her and the masterpiece that you have listened to was born. Each time I play it, I cry…

©2019 & 2020 Tremaine L. Loadholt and Sandy Knight. All Rights Reserved.

image credit Photo by Brandi Ibrao

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