paving the road to hell

when anger sewn

righteous and proud


men’s hearts

and swords

what good intent

one had before

will be a casualty

when egos war

Reflecting on this extraordinary time in our history, I’m dumbstruck by the ease in which fear seems to be herding all of us to extreme versions of our beliefs. Now, more than ever, we must find middle ground. This short poem sprung from reflecting on the old adage: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”and how we may be tempted to believe our way is the best for everyone… And so I offer to anyone who feels this painful polarizing shift as I do a moment to reflect and ask, ‘Is there room in my heart for differences?’ For myself, I realize I needed to cultivate more open spaces within from which to listen. I hope we can all raise our awareness to and tolerance for the beautiful, multi-faceted dimension of humanity in new and unprecedented ways. Our species depends on it. Namaste kind friends. sk

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