The Giant Arc

We are poetry in motion

The Giant Arc

A serendipitous discovery
Bends the cosmos
Once spun
Atop the head of a pin

A curtain of galaxies 
hemmed to the black 
Curves into a smile
You’re here

Welcome to the point
A way station, a rest stop
a long space and time

Before moving on 
Beyond where star gases
Once so compressed
Explode to ignite

What stands between
the possibility of us
Throw away your ancient 
ways and maps

Buy your trinkets
Send your postcards
Gravity’s out
We won’t be back.

~Inspired by the recent astronomical discovery by Researcher Alexia Lopez, of what science has dubbed ‘The Giant Arc’ , a curved chain of galaxies 9.2 billion light years from Earth’s galaxy. Perhaps, the formation is significant and these distant galaxies are smiling back at us from an impossibly far point in the cosmos. Read more here.

About SK

Born in 1960 in the Ohio heartland, Sandy’s parents replaced an old tennis racket with a dime store guitar around the age of ten. A self taught musician, she’s been playing and writing music ever since. Knight, trained in the Philadelphia Shipyards as a pipe-fitter and welder, served in the US Navy, then later served in the National Park Service. Knight holds a BS in Music Therapy from Maryville University, St Louis. She lives in the Ozark Mountains with her husband, a fat tabby Zeke, and their little blonde ‘flyer’ named Amelia.

Copyright, 2021, Sandy Knight. All rights reserved.

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