A Clean Slate

Dusk’s murky aura outlined the water tower while the sun glared defiantly at the horizon. Cornfields bereft of their cobbled bounty waved mournfully back to…

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Lego My Manhood

“Between me and you, it’s not natural giving building blocks to girls. What’s wrong with a Mrs Beasley doll, or an Easy Bake Oven? Everybody knows Legos were made for boys. It says so right here in the

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Who Cut The Cheese?

The general wretchedness of Mondays was further cemented by the rain pummeling the roof of the two bedroom cottage, but he still loved them. Atlas smoothed the wiry charcoal hair camouflaging thinly boned arms and buttoned each cuff. Meticulously, he tucked a wild hair up the custom tailored sleeve, straightened the silk bowtie pinned below […]

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