The Giant Arc

We are poetry in motion The Giant Arc A serendipitous discoveryBends the cosmosOnce spunAtop the head of a pin A curtain of galaxies hemmed to the black Curves into a smileYou’re here Welcome to the pointA way station, a rest stopa long space and time Before moving on Beyond where star gasesOnce so compressedExplode to ignite What stands betweenthe possibility […]

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sleepless @ 3am

She believes too much In her own intuition and the ambiguity Of a convincing dream Remembering how her hand felt On the splintery rudder of the tiller Turning over the night sky, dividing it Into parcels of starless black soil She would clear a space To divine futures from the pitch blank Of uncertainty; planting […]

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Lies of omission grown in the silence between take on lives of their own robbing from each our secrets stolen from the justified and vulnerable borrowed on fear until grown bloated and taut truth springs unguarded from lips fully formed, as virulent as a virus without an antidote yet, having the power to heal the […]

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