A Ladder to Saturn

I turn to you

deranged and hopeless

desperate in my need

for windows and walls 

and ladders too

angled towards Saturn

so I may still gather

occasional falling stars

in pails of moonlight

when darkness swallows the moon

I will probably collect too many

Shimmering trinkets 

bits of temporary solace

Here and gone yet somehow

still failing to secure

some precious faith

for a transient heretic’s heart

You will shower me all the same

with the enchantments of grace

However imperiled their impact be

By a nature capricious and free

Will I throw off miracle’s 

final embrace? swatting away

blinded by what I misunderstand

Poking fingers trembling 

Into the void of reason clinging

to mind’s folly shrouded in hubris 

so completely intolerable

I cannot bear to look upon this face!

nor force to bend

a childish will 

unready to accept 

Your wondrous grace.

copyright Slk. 2021

image credit: Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash

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